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Cockroaches and Filth-Breeding Flies

German cockroach


Mosty commom , lives inside with people. Reddish and cannot fly The adverage German cockroach life cycle is 103 days Femals have 30 to 40 babies  per egg

Most Common in Florida and Worldwide

Asian cockroach


These cockroaches live outdoors in lawns and leaf litter.  Will fly when distrubed. Its peak population are seen in spring and summer and are ofen observed after mulching. These cockroaches may fly indoors but do not survive well there.  Distribution Southeast US

Palmento Bug


 Also called a Florida wood cockroach, Found in leaf mulch, wood piles and under rotting logs. Produces a foul smelling fluid to protect itself. It is dark-reddish-brown The average egg to adult develoopment is 107 days.  Femals have 21 babies per egg

Common  to Florida

House Fly


Habitat: Garbage, plant waste, animal feces, rotting food. Develops from egg to adult in 10 days. In addition to their unsantiary breeding sites , house flys requrgitate and defecate upon surfaceswhere the feed or nest. Can cause diarrhea, parasitic worms and Salmonelia Disbution throughout the United States

Fruit fly


Habitat: rotting fruit and vegetation, recycling bins .  Attarcted to vinger, yeast and  suger residues. Under equipment, or other cracks and crevices provide nutrients and harborage for fruit flies to establish a population  Distribution Worldwide

Drain Fly, moth fly, sewage fly


Flyes on wet areas.  Drain flys breed  inside septic tanks, drain wells and sinks.  They may also be found under equipment where moisture, grease , and decaying material ferment. Distribution throughout the United States